Marshall Road Meander

Well we finally managed to get our local weather god into line with clear blue skies for a wander down Marshall Road. We heard Pam & Johnny were out of town so decided to park up at Como Villa and head down the road from there.

marshall road.jpg

The 44 or so walkers and runners wandered over the tailings and river tracks and all managed to find their way back for a cuppa on time. It seems the NZ chicken last week has prompted some photos for this week’s email . There was some discussion as to whether we should break in and empty Johhny’s wine cellar, and empty the wine bottles and refill them with tea, but decided if they taste the same, why go to all that bother.(Did that get a response Pam ?)

When the dredgers were on the river:

marshall road 2.jpg

And today:

marshall road 3.jpg