Mighty Merino Ridges / Gorgeous German Hills

The farmer had our president Ewan sign his life away, to say the farmer had advised our group of potential hazards on the farm. I suspect this may become more common in the future  as farmers look to reduce potential health & safety liability.

Most groups headed  for the Sarsen stones ,with Peter D leading the W1s. Reports came back that Peter had his tour guide hat on explaining about the Sarsen stones  (silica cemented sandstone) and then explaining about the German miners when they got over to the old gold workings area.

The slow running pack thought they had come across a noisy walking group , but it turned old to be a flock of old turkeys gobbling away.

Most groups made it back to the bus early this year (before 3:15pm ) except for the faster running pack. They didn’t even get up to the snow line.  And inquires came back with a different answer  to why they were late back depending on who was asked. I suspect they may have taken a track to nowhere and they did mention seeing a few old goats up there (any mirrors up there ? ).

One of the W3 walkers had  a dodgy leg start to play up, and the call went out for a vehicle pick up. I have attached our safety procedures  again. Main thing is to ensure if someone is injured they can be kept warm and although there is not always coverage, a cellphone within the group to call for help, and probably knowing the cellphone numbers of members in other groups would also be helpful.

Thinking about this , perhaps in future years instead of putting home numbers of committee members on the syllabus, perhaps we could put down cellphone numbers instead.

Rumour has it Jane P will celebrate a birthday this Thursday and despite Barrie calling out 82 that is not Jane’s age, it was just a raffle number.