Friendly Flat Top Hill

It was another pleasant day ,not cold, not too hot , ideal harrier weather.

It was of some  concern that  we appear to be getting some undesirable elements  amongst our membership , as the local  cops turned up to interrogate  one of our members as we arrived at Butchers dam. (they could have just been having a chat , but no point letting the truth get in the way of a good story)


The W3s wandered around the lower altitudes of the Butchers dam area and must have had a few drinks , as the dam level was very low. The remaining walkers and runners all headed up the hill onto Flat Top and wandered around some of the many tracks and trails up there.

What was pleasing to see was all groups back on time  for this outing , no group back at 4pm this week.

We just needed those dairy farmers to leave a cow there so we had some milk for our tea & coffee. Our harrier cow was still sitting in the fridge at someone’s home.

Once again the Happy Birthday song was sung ,for President Ewan on Sunday and Steve Tohill on Monday.