I am not sure if they were feeling guilty or not, but we were back to a big  turnout of over 50 members for Saturday’s outing up to Bannockburn. The bus and a couple of cars parked at the Bannockburn inlet , with ex farmer Allen bringing his plough  along as well. There was a refreshing southerly blowing , as well as the occasional spit of rain that didn’t come to much.



The groups headed out in different directions, with some heading round to Cornish Point. Other groups headed on up to the gold working area of Stewart town  whilst  the slow runners headed up the  river track. I am sure I heard Barb tell  everyone to be back by 3:30pm, don’t be late , so I will not make any smart remarks about  whose group returned at 3:45pm.

Thanks to Alan for this week’s photos , I am not sure if they found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or not.