Alexandra Airport

Well ,well, well . Saturday certainly showed up who was who. Who is  a dedicated harrier member and who is  a fair weather friend only. With a shower of  rain originally scheduled not to appear until 4pm, arriving early at 12:30pm, the wheat was soon sorted from the chaff , as only about a dozen members turned up at 1pm for our harrier outing at the Alexandra Airport(crazy the lot of them ). About another dozen met us up at the airport.
The runners and walkers wandered around the bike tracks around the airport for a shorter than usual outing. Some remained dry by carrying a brolly around with them. And, if rumours are true, others stayed dry by heading straight to the cafés in Clyde without going for a walk at all. Slackers !
Chris & Michael Williamson hosted the afternoon tea venue, but by that time the sun was back out and shining. I think that was just a cunning plan by Michael, to get Christine to do the vacuuming for him.