Well I am not sure what the occasion was , perhaps the hint that winter is getting near. Or maybe the gardens have all been tidied up.


Under overcast conditions, but still warmish weather, we set off with the W2 walkers getting dropped off roadside south of Luggate, to pick up the river track.  The remaining walkers and runners set off from the domain in Luggate township. The W1s headed down the Luggate creek walkway, whilst the W3s and runners headed down Shortcut road. All groups then headed along the river track, the slower runners briefly considered the upstream track before deciding to head downstream with the current. The faster runners just about made it to Lowburn , (this could be a slight exaggeration.)

All groups were back at the domain between 3pm to 3:20pm, except the W1s. Was the President leading them astray again? Were they sitting at the Albertown pub and lost track of the time? Had they underestimated how long  it would take to get around the 10km loop track they were on? It was difficult getting clear answers when they finally appeared about 4pm as to just where they had been. Birthday boy Peter Dymock found a birthday present for himself, as he found a good quality sleeping bag in amongst the driftwood on their travels.