Local Walk

Perhaps we put on too good weather and members found too many other things to do, than come along to harriers.

However those that did turn out had a fine day for a walk. The W3 walkers headed down the Lake Roxburgh walking track  whilst the other groups headed for the hills behind the clock. I was wondering if Mary Poppins had made an appearance at the front of the W1s as a brightly coloured brolly popped up, not for rain , but sunshine.

The running section of harriers was very thin on the ground with just 2.1 runners turning up ( Gary was the 0.1 following at the back of the W1s , gravity would take over on some downhill sections breaking out into a jog ).

I guess when the gardens stop growing and things cool down we will get some bigger turnouts.

Thanks also to Gaynor for making the sandwiches for afternoon tea.