Colourful Arrowtown

Not sure if it was simply the chance to have a ride in a bus , or perhaps a chance to get out of town.


The W2 walkers and fast runners headed on up Sawpit Gully and nearby tracks. The W1s  headed on up Tobins track and Chum Gully locality, Meantime the W3s walkers went round to the old Chinese Settlement, with some strong willpower required for some not to check out some local watering holes.

The slower runners headed along the river track  towards the  Arrow junction.

There was a little high cloud to prevent everyone overheating on their Harrier outing ,but as seems to be traditional when going to Arrowtown, one group always seems to be late back - this year it was the W2s.

I reckon it might have something to do with them stopping for photos all the time. Like I got photos from the W2 pack (late back this week ), and the W1s the previous week.