Boot Hill Track

Most groups wound their way up and around the mountain bike tracks to the top of Gilligan’s Gully. Then it was cross country to Hillview Road.

There were a few fences to cross as well as a few with electric fence wires. One smart bugger grabbed hold of the wire and said arrgg it’s shocking. Stop playing silly buggers they said, as the next walker climbed through and then jumped back. Are you playing silly buggers too? Noo, the fence IS on! As the next walker started over there was a definite zap - I think it could be a good idea to climb through the fence lower down, away from that electric wire.

Most groups wandered back down the rail trail or through the pines area , with everyone back pretty much on time at 3pm for a cuppa. Most seemed to be saving themselves for the annual club dinner at the District club later that evening.