Fruitlands Frolic

The W3 walkers car pooled out to Mitchells Cottage for a walk from there ,whilst the other walkers and runners got dropped off at Butcher Dam on the Conroys road corner.

They all headed up Sheepshead Station Road, with the W1s dropping down to the creek and back up the gully on the other side. I’m sure the front walkers were so busy talking they didn’t notice they were knee deep in the creek. If one knew where to go, one could step across the creek without getting wet feet.

Our club captain did remind the W1 group that they  were spread out over nearly a kilometre distance (well a long way anyway ), and should have been stopping to re-group along the way. In the running packs, the front runners would loop back to the back of the group, meaning they were not stopping and getting cold  but were moving all the time. Something to keep in mind, keep together. A social club is about getting together, not just at the pub.

The runners and W2 walkers wandered around the Last Chance water race, before finding tracks back to Mitchells cottage. There was some mention the W2s should get the turkey for being late back. I thought if they were any later getting back, perhaps we should give them a couple of torches so they can find their way back in the dark.

Although it was a cloudy day, there was not the usual cold wind coming down off the mountain, so the wait was not too bad.