Auripo Tunnels

Most groups headed cross country from the Heaney’s Farmhouse  to the viaduct over the river. Then it was along the rail trail and through the tunnels, some even were prepared with a light to light the way for the train of walkers. Most groups then took in various tracks up to the  top of the ridge and back down to the bus.

The ground was still frozen solid in the shady areas, but in the sunny spots a thaw made conditions muddy  and slippery underfoot. This week it was the turn of the W3 walking pack to be last ones back, good to see we share the late pack around.

However there were no reported mishaps and no one seems to want to  take the poor old turkey home to sit by the fire. Instead another cold week in the trailer.

A couple of birthday s reported last week -  Valmai and Merv. How old ? you ask.  Well I would probably get in trouble if I called them old goats so let us just call them a couple of big kids with lots of experience.