Merino Ridges / German Hills

The farm is called Merino Ridges and we soon found out why as we observed a mob of merinos disappearing along a ridge.

The runners headed on up the hill before looping down to the German Hills and the mining area and return to the bus.

Treasurer Peter was happy as a lamb springing out from his stones. (For those of you a bit slow on the uptake, those big white rocks are also known as Sarsen stones )

The walkers took in various tracks amongst the rocks, with the W1s being delayed by those Germans in the hills. Either that or they had too many people trying to wear the leaders hat. Whatever the cause they were a bit late back for a cuppa.

Postman Barrie got serenaded to Happy birthday, Jacqui baked a cake and Winnie gave him a gold card, not that he got any discount at the pub. Dang it all.

An enjoyable afternoon out in sunny central for all.