St. Bathans

Somewhere UNDER the rainbow !

Well it seems the threat of a few spots of rain kept some away from St Bathans last Saturday, with only about 40 members on the bus.

The walkers all got off by the cemetery, except for Max who was reluctant to get off there. Perhaps worried about having one foot in the grave. We eventually prised him off the bus and the walkers headed up to the DOC camping ground domain, before heading round to join the track around Blue Lake.

The runners took the bus to blue lake, taking in the track around the lake. The slower running pack did catch up to the A pack a couple of times - either they were in great shape or else the A pack didn’t know  where they were going. They did the loop round the lake, stopping off to relight the billy before carrying on up the road.

It was about 2:30 when a solid rain shower made an appearance, causing many runners and walkers to cut short their outing. This caused a problem as they then couldn’t get a hot cuppa due to the billy blowing out, but it was hot enough by 3pm.

st bathans.JPG