Gibbston Valley Gallop

What more could we ask for ? Maybe a bit less of a head wind. Yes it was breezy and there seemed  to be less talking than usual going on. Perhaps some were worried if they opened their mouths too far, their pants would blow off. Note to club captain for future reference, if strong nor wester blowin' then go from Bungy bridge downwind to Nevis Bluff direction.

The W1 walkers and slow runners pack got off the bus at the Nevis Bluff end, whilst the remaining walkers and runners stayed on the bus to the Bungy carpark, and followed the river track downstream.

The runners and W1s followed Peter Dymock’s relation Michael W as he led us up the river to nowhere. Down Rafters Lane and the track is only 100 metres away ,we will just  have to climb round thoserocks overhanging the river to get there. Then he was sure there must be a track thru the scrub and cliffs. Needless to say we all had to back track back up to the road and rejoin the track.

The remaining runners and walkers had an easier time of it as they had the wind at their backs as they headed down the river track. It was only as everyone turned back into the wind that we realised how strong it was. I was well anchored but I thought a couple of times that Barrie was going to get blown away.

It appears that a couple of balloons were also liberated and given their freedom on the Harrier bus. That cuppa was certainly welcomed by everyone back at the bus.