Saturday Reports 2010

  • About 40 runners and walkers in total.
    Posted: Saturday 2 October 2010
  • No one wanted to miss the in-town activities so no walk / run was organised.
    Posted: Saturday 25 September 2010
  • Your President wasn't able to attend and no-one has told him how it went!
    But the Club Captain says.......
    Posted: Saturday 18 September 2010
  • 59 walkers and runners today.
    Posted: Saturday 11 September 2010
  • Perhaps too many of our Members felt they had too much of a handicap of their own to collect another from theorganiser.
    Posted: Saturday 4 September 2010
  • Her royal highness was somewhat bemused that only 37 loyal subjects made the journey to Queensberry on Saturday. You'd all better turn up next time or you may find the the royal corgis biting your ankles.
    Posted: Saturday 28 August 2010
  • Cloudy cooler conditions suited most of the competitors who had to wait until after the race before the clear skies and sunshine came out.
    Posted: Saturday 21 August 2010
  • On Saturday we had 50 runners and walkers on our Fraser D outing
    Posted: Saturday 14 August 2010
  • Finally, we got to experience a winters day on Saturday.
    Posted: Saturday 7 August 2010
  • Oh me , Oh my, did we go to Oh me oh (Omeo) on Saturday. Yes we did.
    Posted: Saturday 31 July 2010
  • Yet another golden harrier outing on Saturday , as members wandered past the Golden Progress mine at Oturehua.
    Posted: Saturday 24 July 2010
  • Last Saturday 57 runners and walkers departed from Atty's very clean
    woolshed for their afternoon exercise.
    Posted: Saturday 17 July 2010
  • On Saturday we ventured back to an old harrier venue, Ross & Honey
    Naylor's Spennymoor property at Matakanui at the top end of Moutere Disputed Spur Road.
    Posted: Saturday 10 July 2010
  • Como Villa at Earnscleugh played host to over 55 runners and walkers on
    Posted: Saturday 3 July 2010
  • Conditions at Northburn were cloudy and cool, but this did not deter a big crowd of 59 runners and walkers turning up.
    Posted: Saturday 26 June 2010
  • It took a full bus plus another vehicle to get members to Auripo and the Heaney's farm
    Posted: Saturday 19 June 2010
  • President's report from the weekend away in Tekapo
    Posted: Saturday 12 June 2010
  • 32 runners and walkers ran and wandered the hills behind the clock. Thanks to Carrie for letting us have afternoon tea in her carport.
    Posted: Saturday 5 June 2010
  • President's Report from 29 May 2010 Olrig Station
    Posted: Saturday 29 May 2010
  • President's report from Flat Top Hill
    Posted: Saturday 22 May 2010
  • President's Report from 15 May 2010 Little Valley
    Posted: Saturday 15 May 2010

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