Saturday Reports 2012

  • The final walk/run day of this season and very few takers due to the heavy morning rain. But 60+ arrived at Galloway Hall for the "last supper", catered for us by the Alexandra Lions.
    Posted: Sunday 14 October 2012
  • Last Saturday ,the W1 walkers decided to walk along the new river track ,before climbing up to Flat top and dropping down to Butchers Dam to the bus.
    Posted: Saturday 6 October 2012
  • Okay it wasn’t the promised 23 degrees , but good things come to those who wait. So by the time we got back to the bus at Roxburgh dam after the walk/ run, it was pretty jolly close.
    Indeed as I walked home from The Station at 6:00pm, the Budgie reported it was still 20 degrees
    Posted: Saturday 29 September 2012
  • No organised trip today. But glorious weather to watch the parade and enjoy the entertainment in the park.
    Posted: Saturday 22 September 2012
  • About 40 walkers and runners made their way to Weatherall Creek on Saturday.
    Posted: Saturday 15 September 2012
  • Spring, a time of new growth and change. Which is what we got last Saturday, the Crowded House song coming to mind “Four seasons in one Day”.
    Posted: Saturday 8 September 2012
  • On Saturday a bus load of walkers and runners headed on up to the Queensberry Hills under cloudy skies.
    Posted: Sunday 2 September 2012
  • About 14 long walkers made their way at 10:30am for a walk from Conroys Dam up to Castle Rock. The rest of the Club joined the circuit at 1:15pm.
    Posted: Saturday 25 August 2012
  • A beautiful sunny and warm day greeted the 345 participants - as usual!
    Posted: Wednesday 22 August 2012
  • Around 60 walkers and runners made the journey out to Fruitlands on Saturday.
    Posted: Saturday 11 August 2012
  • Weather report from the scene recorded light cloud,a light breeze with temperature of 8 C.
    Posted: Saturday 4 August 2012
  • What is orienteering ? Well we will load you all on a bus, blindfold you, take you to a mystery destination, then you have to orientate yourselves to find your way home.
    Posted: Saturday 28 July 2012
  • We have come to the conclusion that half our club members must be off wandering in warmer climes, rather than being invigorated by a refreshing Central Otago winter.
    Posted: Saturday 21 July 2012
  • Well, what a bunch of delicate flowers you lot are, a hint of rain on Saturday morning and pooff, not a sign of you come afternoon.
    Posted: Saturday 14 July 2012
  • Regardless of the weather ,over 60 walkers and runners made their way to or from Olrig or Ophir.
    Posted: Saturday 7 July 2012
  • Well, take away the rain, bring out the sunshine and don’t worry about the temperature too much, and then they will come. Yes ,it was back to usual with a big turnout on Saturday at Heaney’s farm at the Poolburn Gorge, with a full bus and half a dozen cars needed.
    Posted: Saturday 30 June 2012
  • It seems that some members are afraid of a little water, from the small turnout of Harriers. Saturday morning grey skies and heavy rain, forced the club to cancel the long walk from Olrig to Ophir . Instead about 30ish members met at 1.00pm for another local outing.
    Posted: Saturday 23 June 2012
  • Last Saturday about 59 walkers and runners made their way to the Lowburn area up Burn Cottage Road. Phil Ferris took a break from his usual rain dance , so it was a pretty good winter’s day for a walk or run
    Posted: Saturday 16 June 2012
  • More interesting local paths were discovered by members who were not on the Club weekend away to Pounawea - see NEWS page.
    Posted: Saturday 9 June 2012
  • Well it seems that many of you had received an invitation to her majesty’s birthday party , judging by the small turnout to Harriers on Saturday
    Posted: Saturday 2 June 2012
  • Yep, the bus was full ,but no cars were needed with the smallest turnout so far this harrier season , with just 50 runners and walkers in the Ida valley at German Hills.
    Posted: Saturday 26 May 2012

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